This is a place that you can refer to for information about your child’s preschool experience.

Please note: Current restrictions do not allow for parents and visitors to enter the Kinder building and grounds.

Dates for your calendar

Family Welcome Night

19 February 2021

Preschool Open Day

27 February 2021: 9:00am to 12:00pm

Committee Meetings

Committee Meetings: Second Tuesday every month at Sherbourne Preschool


We aim to provide a warm, safe, caring and welcoming environment for each child and their families; in accordance with the guidelines of the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework – Belonging, Being and Becoming.

We promote cultural awareness and value the unique qualities of each family. Strong partnerships with families are integral to support a child’s learning and wellbeing. Families are encouraged to contribute to and participate in the program, sharing their beliefs, traditions and skills.

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Your child will be starting Preschool with new adults in an unfamiliar environment. Some children feel overwhelmed and shy when they start preschool.  If your child is feeling uncertain, we encourage parents to stay and help them settle in for a few sessions until they become familiar with their new surroundings.

During the first four weeks of term 1 we start with smaller groups and shortened session times. This allows the children to successfully settle into the preschool environment and allows us to get to know your child and establish trust. The small groups also assist the children in becoming familiar with their new routine without feeling overwhelmed in a large group.


We use a platform called Storypark to communicate with families via regular posts. This includes both reminders and reflections of our time spent at Preschool. We will provide information to you about how to sign up and get the app. Please ensure that you are signed up to Storypark.

We also have a quarterly newsletter, a  a Facebook page, notices on the notice board and your child will have a pigeon hole for other notices.

Arrival and Departure

When you arrive and depart from preschool, please come inside, as the teachers would like to greet/say goodbye to both child and parent. This gives the teacher the opportunity to tell you about your child's time at preschool and it also means that you can ask them questions.

Once your child has settled at an activity, say goodbye to your child and leave, so then your child can then begin their preschool session. Please make sure that a staff member is aware that your child has arrived, and/or departed.

Please be punctual when picking children up as being the only one left can be distressing for the child, and teachers have other tasks to complete at the conclusion of each session.

If there is any likelihood of you being delayed, please phone the preschool to let staff know. It is also important to notify the teacher in advance if other persons are to be delivering or collecting your child from preschool. The details of these persons need to be on our enrolment records.

Please leave the preschool promptly at collection time.

Attendance Book

Parents/Caregivers MUST record the TIMES OF ARRIVAL and EXPECTED DEPARTURE of your child and SIGN and NAME of who is collecting your child in the attendance book.

Please record your arrival and departure time in the visitors book when you are on duty or visiting the centre whilst a Preschool session is in progress.


Photo & Videos

We believe photographs and videos are an extremely rich part of the preschool program, which can be used to record wonderful memories for the children, families and preschool staff alike.

Photographs/videos taken by the staff will always be taken with a clear purpose in mind, (educational, social, promotional, etc), and the benefits of taking them will always be carefully weighed up against any possible costs/concerns.

Photographs/videos taken of individual children by the staff, will be shared through digital documentation (Storypark), kept securely at the Preschool or destroyed after they are no longer required.

Parents MUST consult with the preschool teacher, however, before photos/videos are taken of any child other than their own. Parents/guardians may take group photographs/videos of their own child/children at special service events such as birthdays, excursions and other activities. Parents must ensure that where the photographs/videos include other children at the service they are sensitive to and respectful of the privacy of those children and families in using and disposing of the photographs/videos. This includes not sharing the photographs containing other people’s children on any publicly accessible online service (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, personal blogs) or shared via MMS (mobile phone messages).


Preschool fees are payable at the end of each term and will be invoiced via email. We do not accept cash or credit card. Please click here to read our full fees policy.

Healthcare cardholders are not required to pay fees for our 4-year-old program. Please see our fees policy or contact our fees officer for more information at fees@sherbournepreschool.com

Birthdays and Gifts

We love to celebrate each child’s birthday at Kindergarten and have developed a simple but fun birthday ritual.

In line with our Nutrition and Active Play, and Sustainability policies, our birthday rituals will not involve food. Parents are requested NOT to bring anything to hand out. This includes birthday treats, lollies, lollypops, stickers, balloons, novelties, etc.

Hot Day Policy

On days that are forecasted to reach temperatures 40 degrees and above (as forecasted by the Bureau of Meteorology), Preschool sessions will not operate (no Children).

Families will be notified by 8.00 pm the night before via text message SMS to both legal guardians.

On days where the temperature is to reach 38 degrees and above parents will be encouraged to keep their child at home or arrange for their early collection.


The staff will do their best to protect the children's clothes.  The children will wear smocks when painting, playing with clay and other such activities.  However, it is not possible for children to stay clean at all times and so it is best for children to wear clothes that wash easily.

Preschool is a place where children are encouraged to get involved in activities of all kinds.  They need to be able to get dirty, climb freely and move without restriction.

Please remember to dress your child in clothes that they can manage themselves.  For example, pants that pull down easily when children go to the toilet.  Children should wear shoes for playing (no thongs or crocs).  Long dresses, singlets and high heeled shoes are also inappropriate for playing.

Jackets, Hats, Sunscreen

In winter the children will need to bring a warm coat or jacket as we will be playing outside for part of each session. The children can also bring their gumboots, but we ask that they also bring shoes to wear inside.

We are a Sunsmart preschool. From September to May the children will need to bring a hat (bucket or broadbrim hat style).  Please leave a hat in your child’s Preschool bag.  “NO HAT - NO OUTSIDE PLAY”  Please apply sunscreen on your child before they arrive at Preschool. 50+ sunscreen will be available at the Preschool for reapplication from staff to your child when required. We have suitable hats available for purchase. Please refer to our ‘Sun Protection Policy’.


Spare clothes in a bag

We love to get wet at Preschool both inside and outside. It is also common in the early stages of Preschool that children in both age groups have the occasional accident. Please keep labelled spare clothes in their bags.

Preschool Bag

Children are asked to bring a Preschool bag each day, big enough to carry artwork home in. Each child will be given their own hook where these bags can hang. Please ensure that your child has a spare set of clothes including a sun hat. Please label the bag clearly with your child’s name and ensure they can open and close it independently.

During the long day (4YO Group)there is a rest/relaxation time. Please provide pillowcase containing a small blanket and pillow for your child to use during this time. Please ensure all items are clearly named.  The relaxation items will be sent home at the end of each term for laundering.


We ask parents to provide a healthy snack such as fruit in a container with your child’s name clearly labelled. Please also provide a water bottle. For our 4 year old group, please also pack a healthy lunch. (No soft drink, juice or cordial).

Please ensure your child has at least one piece of fruit or vegetable for snack each session. Please bring snacks in reusable containers without wrapping. This teaches the children to care for their environment and reduces the rubbish at Preschool.

Food for 4YO long days (Tues/Thurs)

A substantial lunch and 3 snacks, in a named lunch box (as above) should be supplied. At least 2 pieces of fruit should be included, one for morning fruit snack and one for later in the day. Children can become quite hungry on the long days so it is advisable to pack extra food.

Food allergies of other children should be considered therefore we request that you do not bring foods that may contain nuts.


Contagious infections exclusion times set by Victorian Health Regulations

Gastroenteritis - 48 hours after symptoms subsided.
Conjunctivitis - Until discharge from eyes has ceased.
Chicken Pox - Until all blisters have dried. This is usually at least 5 days after the rash appears in unimmunised children, but may be less in previously immunised children.
Diarrhoea - Until there has not been a loose bowel motion for 24 hours.
Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease- Until all blisters have dried.
Measles - For at least 4 days after onset of rash.
Mumps - For 9 days or until the swelling goes down (whichever is sooner).
Ringworm, Scabies, Pediculosis (Head Lice) - Until the day after appropriate treatment has commenced.
Whooping Cough - For 21 days after the onset of cough or until they have completed 5 days of a course of antibiotic treatment.
Streptococcal (Scarlet Fever) - Until the child has received antibiotic treatment for at least 24 hours and the child feels well.
Other illnesses - Please see staff.


It is now a requirement that all children enrolled in the service are fully immunised. All families must provide an up-to-date copy of the child’s Immunisation History Statement to staff before their first day.


Sherbourne Preschool is committed to providing a child safe environment. We have zero tolerance of any abuse or maltreatment of children. We are committed to ensuring children and young people are able to actively participate in decisions that affect their lives. We understand our legal and moral obligations to treat any child safety concerns seriously. We report any allegations and wellbeing concerns to authorities.

Sherbourne Preschool is committed to being a child safe and child friendly organisation that recognises, respects and promotes children’s rights.


Volunteering to help at preschool is a wonderful way to observe your child in the preschool environment, for your child to share their favourite preschool experiences with you and to become acquainted with their friends.  Parent helpers' assistance can also free up the teachers to focus on teaching tasks.


Educare is an additional program offering unfunded extra hours of early childhood education.

This program:

  • Provides an opportunity for families to have an extended day of care, with the advantage of sending your child to Sessional Kindergarten.
  • Provides your child with an opportunity to expand on social skills with children that attend on different days.
  • Educare is not part of the 3 year old or funded 4 year old kindergarten programs, but is in addition to, and allows cross aged teaching of 3, 4 and 5 year olds.

Educare is run by a Diploma Qualified Educator and is open to all children enrolled at Sherbourne preschool.  Educare is open to all Sherbourne families regardless of what day their child attends the sessional kinder program.

Parent Roster

A  parent helper roster is placed with the sign-in books each day.  We ask families to volunteer for parent helper duty at least twice a term. Stay for as little or as long as it is convenient. We require all families to obtain a working with children check as this fosters confidence in our preschool community.


A roster will be on display for families in the 4-year-old program. The roster can be viewed by clicking here.

Preschool Donation

At the beginning of each year we ask that each child brings:

  • 3-Year-Old Group: a packet of 3 Kitchen Sponges (blue, yellow, green) and a ream of white paper
  • 4-Year-Old Group: a box of Tissues and a ream of white paper

This helps to keep Preschool expenditure to a minimum, resulting in lower group fees.

Working Bees

There will be a working bee each term to ensure our Preschool is kept clean and well maintained.  Each family is encouraged to attend at least two working bees per year. Tasks are coordinated by the Maintenance Co-ordinator and could include: gardening tasks, clean up tasks, building assistance, painting, inventory. Families are eligible to have their maintenance levies refunded after attending two working bees throughout the year.


We will ask for additional parent helpers for our scheduled excursions.

General Assistance

At the beginning of each year we ask that each child brings:

  • 3-Year-Old Group: a packet of 3 Kitchen Sponges (blue, yellow, green) and a ream of white paper
  • 4-Year-Old Group: a box of Tissues and a ream of white paper

This helps to keep Preschool expenditure to a minimum, resulting in lower group fees.