Parent Portal

This is a place that you can refer to for information about your child’s preschool experience.

Please note: Current restrictions do not allow for parents and visitors to enter the Kinder building and grounds.

Family Welcome Night

19 February 2021

Preschool Open Day

27 February 2021: 9:00am to 12:00pm

Committee Meetings

The second Tuesday every month at Sherbourne Preschool


Arrival and Departure When you arrive and depart from preschool, please come inside, as the teachers would like to greet/say goodbye to both child and parent. This gives the teacher the opportunity to tell you about your child's time at preschool and it also means that you can ask them questions. Once your child has settled at an activity, say goodbye to your child and leave, so then your child can then begin their preschool session. Please make sure that a staff member is aware that your child has arrived, and/or departed. Please be punctual when picking children up as being the only one left can be distressing for the child, and teachers have other tasks to complete at the conclusion of each session. If there is any likelihood of you being delayed, please phone the preschool to let staff know. It is also important to notify the teacher in advance if other persons are to be delivering or collecting your child from preschool. The details of these persons need to be on our enrolment records. Please leave the preschool promptly at collection time.

Attendance Book Parents/Caregivers MUST record the TIMES OF ARRIVAL and EXPECTED DEPARTURE of your child and SIGN and NAME of who is collecting your child in the attendance book. Please record your arrival and departure time in the visitors book when you are on duty or visiting the centre whilst a Preschool session is in progress.

Photo & VideosWe believe photographs and videos are an extremely rich part of the preschool program, which can be used to record wonderful memories for the children, families and preschool staff alike. Photographs/videos taken by the staff will always be taken with a clear purpose in mind, (educational, social, promotional, etc), and the benefits of taking them will always be carefully weighed up against any possible costs/concerns. Photographs/videos taken of individual children by the staff, will be shared through digital documentation (Storypark), kept securely at the Preschool or destroyed after they are no longer required. Parents MUST consult with the preschool teacher, however, before photos/videos are taken of any child other than their own. Parents/guardians may take group photographs/videos of their own child/children at special service events such as birthdays, excursions and other activities. Parents must ensure that where the photographs/videos include other children at the service they are sensitive to and respectful of the privacy of those children and families in using and disposing of the photographs/videos. This includes not sharing the photographs containing other people’s children on any publicly accessible online service (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, personal blogs) or shared via MMS (mobile phone messages).

Fees Preschool fees are payable at the end of each term and will be invoiced via email. We do not accept cash or credit card. Please click here to read our full fees policy. Healthcare cardholders are not required to pay fees for our 4-year-old program. Please see our fees policy or contact our fees officer for more information at

Birthdays and Gifts We love to celebrate each child’s birthday at Kindergarten and have developed a simple but fun birthday ritual. In line with our Nutrition and Active Play, and Sustainability policies, our birthday rituals will not involve food. Parents are requested NOT to bring anything to hand out. This includes birthday treats, lollies, lollypops, stickers, balloons, novelties, etc.

Hot Day PolicyOn days that are forecasted to reach temperatures 40 degrees and above (as forecasted by the Bureau of Meteorology), Preschool sessions will not operate (no Children). Families will be notified by 8.00 pm the night before via text message SMS to both legal guardians. On days where the temperature is to reach 38 degrees and above parents will be encouraged to keep their child at home or arrange for their early collection.

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